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PhoneGap Plugin System

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Overall Architecture

I have already presented PhoneGap, my goal here is to present its plugin system. Indeed, to enlarge web application possibilities, it may be useful to use native calls through Javascript. For example, to use a piece of complex Android code (Java code) easily in Javascript. This is possible using the PhoneGap plugin system.
The overall architecture of these plugins is the following:

  • a native component making the job, for example a Java Android file
  • a HTML / CSS / Javascript GUI using this native component through Javascript calls
  • a bridge between Javascript and the native code to create the link.

This bridge is composed of:

  • one native file (i.e. one Java file),
  • one Javascript file exposing this native component,
  • and generally one quick configuration file specific to the platform.

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PhoneGap: first overview

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PhoneGap is a platform for building mobile application using Web technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript. Mobile platforms like Android, iPhone or Blackberry are not ready yet to manage such application, that is why PhoneGap is filling in the gap by providing a plugin system to use native call through Javascript.
This is very interesting platform because there is a global movement between Web technologies interacting with mobile, smartphone, … You know: HTML5, CSS3, Boot 2 Gecko (see also: B2G Wiki), Apache Cordova, SOCIETIES project, …

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