Trier un array en Javascript

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Simple sort

var myArray = ["var2", "var1", "var3"];
console.log("Before:", myArray); // Output: "Before: ["var2", "var1", "var3"]"
console.log("After:", myArray); // Output: "After: ["var1", "var2", "var3"]"

More complex sort

var myComplexArray = [{"id":"3", "data":"var2"}, {"id":"2", "data":"var1"}, {"id":"1", "data":"var3"}];
console.log("Before:", myComplexArray ); // Output: "Before: [{"id":"3", "data":"var2"}, {"id":"2", "data":"var1"}, {"id":"1", "data":"var3"}]"
myComplexArray .sort(function(a, b){ return <; });
console.log("After:", myComplexArray ); // Output: "After: [{"id":"1", "data":"var3"}, {"id":"2", "data":"var1"}, {"id":"3", "data":"var2"}]"

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