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Automatically generate PHP get and set using Eclipse

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How to automatically generate PHP getter and setter using Eclipse? There are several possibilities, and no perfect one, but let’s try to list them all:

  • Using Eclipse templates: semi-automatic
    Window > Preferences > PHP > Editor > Templates -> New and use something like this:

    private $$${PropertyName};
    public function get${PropertyName}() 
      return $$this->${PropertyName};
    public function set${PropertyName}($$value) 
      $$this->${PropertyName} = $$value;

    And then, to use this template type its name and press ctrl+space to generate this code. A context menu should also automatically appear when you type the name.

  • Use the Eclipse PDT plugin E-Surf: automatic, useful but not very clean and their is no way to configure it.
  • Use the Eclipse PDT PHPClassGenerator plugin by IBM to generate automatically classes and accessors: automatic but maybe to complex to configure and use. And it can’t generate getters / setters for attributes that have been added after the class creation.

If you don’t know yet how to install an Eclipse plugin: Let’s work OSGi Virgo on Eclipse (fr).

Humpf… At the moment, their is no perfect solution, and it is a shame! In Java, a simple right clic on a class > Source > Generate get/set or Generate toString… That is why developing in PHP on Eclipse is not yet as easy as developing in Java.

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