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Office 2010 under Linux Debian

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Today I manage to make my official Office 2010 (32bits Academic version) working under my Linux, a Debian Bulleyes with wine 4.0.1. I simply used the following commands:

sudo apt install winetricks winbind
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wineoffice2010 winetricks dotnet20 msxml6 corefonts
WINEPREFIX=~/.wineoffice2010 wine ../hubiC/Olivier/WorkTrialog/Software/Office_2010_ProPlusAc_SP1_French_x32.exe

At this stage, Word and Excel seem to work correctly once you activate them online. PowerPoint is not starting…

Apparently, PowerPoint on wine « does not automatically use the riched20 installed by Office ». Therefore, we need to set riched20 to native in winecfg. This is what I did with success using:

WINEPREFIX=~/.wineoffice2010 winecfg

That’s it! Good luck for the installation of Office on Linux!

Oh by the way: I also have an Office 2016, but this is just dead to install it under Linux due to the last version of ActiveX, still not supported by Wine. Too bad.

Enable WiFi on a Dell E7470 Laptop

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When I received my new Dell Latitude E7470, I installed immediatly a Debian testing (Stretch) on it. This laptop, is really, really great, and is working like a charm with Linux. I still have to install manually a WiFi firmware iwlwifi-8000C. A simple « sudo dpkg -i *.deb », and it worked quite well!

Recently, in the beginning of 2017, a Debian update (maybe to due to testing freeze? Or something else?) has broken it… The WiFi was not available anymore, as if no WiFi board were loaded! Let’s fix this!

Latitude E7470

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Project Management – Quick Golden Rules

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  • Never estimate on the fly

    • You may be right technically, but:
    • Did you take into account meeting / preparation costs?
    • Did you take into account after-sales services?
    • Any estimation is stone set for any client.
    • Think about it twice.
  • Never give back a budget
  • Main decisions require time

How to clear Cygwin screen in Windows?

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How to « clean » our Cygwin window? Not that obvious because the « clean » command doesn’t exist in Cygwin. Anyway, the solution is simple and usefull: CTRL+L. Hum… wait? 🙂
Found thanks to Mahbubur Rahman: » How to clear CYGWIN screen in Windows? Mahbubur Rahman – jQuery, PHP, JavaScript, Codeigniter, CSS.

How to Make Your Laptop Choose a Wired Connection Instead of Wireless – How-To Geek

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Very useful tip for me: How to Make Your Laptop Choose a Wired Connection Instead of Wireless – How-To Geek. In my office, the Wifi connection can’t access the intranet, but the wired one can! Now I will be able to keep my Wifi ON 🙂


Raspberry PI: more than a cheap little computer under GNU Linux

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Did you know Raspberry PI? You have to! Raspberry PI, oh yeah 🙂